Whether you are looking for a trained puppy or just looking to train your puppy we are your source.  Our Empowered Puppy Program was developed over years of research of litter after litter.  We are not breeders but trainers.  We have devoted countless hours to learning just how the puppies mind learns.  We are excited to share that research with you!
Have a new puppy?  Start training the day you come home.  In your home, on your time, even in your pajamas!  We want everyone to take this course so you can pick your price.
Looking for a trained puppy?  We work with English Golden Retrievers, English Labrador Retrievers, and Bernese Mountain Dog puppies.
Have a question just give us a call at 704-877-7821 or and email kim@trainingcanines.com
Are you a breeder or trainer, looking to learn our system?  We have a complete training system for you to learn.  We take you through everything we do over the course of 12-14 weeks.  This is available as a Video on Demand and 3 set DVD series.